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TeamHQ improves your team's ability to rapidly adapt to changing work demands by helping you organize your tasks and effectively decide what to do next.

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Are you keeping busy or getting stuff done?

Your project must get done. It's a top priority. Then someone else says that something else is a top prirority. Then another, and another. And innevitably things stop getting done. TeamHQ can help.

It's Time to Eliminate Waste and Get Right Work Done


Organize your work into projects, add tasks and subtasks, discuss your project and assign tasks.


Use our Boards to plan your work, decide which tasks must get done this week and evaluate work effort.


Do the work. When you get an urgent task via email, send it to TeamHQ and keep working.

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A Brief Overview of TeamHQ

Structured. Simple. Powerful.

Help your team stay agile and quickly respond to changing demands of today's world.


Organize your work like services, client's projects, features you're building, etc.


Use boards to combine work from different projects and make decisions about the work that you need done.


When you use sprints, your team always knows what needs to be done first.


Understand how you and your team works, which projects get the most attention, what's falling behind.


See all tasks and meetings in one place. Export to Google, Micrsoft or iCal calendars.


Keep related notes and discussions about your projects in on place.

Get Twice the Work Done in Half the Time

Organize and decide what's next. TeamHQ is designed to make it easy.

What is my investment?

Try our team plan for free for 30 days. After that you can choose the free plan for small teams or upgrade to continue using premium features.


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  • 1 user
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimted Boards
  • Insights
  • Help center access
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  • upto 20 Team Members
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  • Multi Workspace Dashboard
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How to take back control of your work.

Create an Account

Sign up for a TeamHQ account and invite your team.

Plan Your Work

Organize your tasks, plan your week and get work done.

Achieve the Impossible

Get twice the work done in half the time, all the time.

Twice the work in the half the time? Are you sure?

TeamHQ implements the tools to help you and your team take back control of your work. Our revolutionary approach to work management is based on the way people really work, instead of how project management apps think people work.

Standard approach to getting work done begins collecting requirements, planning everything in advance, and creating beautiful charts and timelines for management to marvel at.

The problem with this method is that months of work are spent on deciding what to do, while not actually creating anything of value. The requirements are simply collections of meaningless document boiler plate that no one reads, the detailed plans are always out of sync and those beautiful timelines and charts are always wrong.

We takes an incemental approach to doing work. With your team or by yourself, plan your work one or two weeks at a time. We call them sprints. At the end of each sprint you have something of value that you can show to your boss, customer or user.

TeamHQ povides enough structure to help you deliver value and innovate quickly, and imposes enough limits so that your team doesn't spend too much time managing the process instead of doing work.

More importantly, TeamHQ helps your team work effectively by adjusting to a natural workflow we all have. With TeamHq your team will a keep projects and tasks organized, decide what to work on using boards and when urgent works comes, TeamHQ will help you keep track of it and get it done asap.

Get Twice the Work Done in Half the Time

Organize your work, plan your week and get your work done on time and on budget.