Empower your team
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planning tool

TeamHQ is a planning software that helps you and your team track goals, organize projects and plan weekly tasks all in one place.

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Plan your work, the right way.

Track your goals, projects and tasks with our simple planning app.


Use our brainstorming feature to quickly add all your tasks.


Organize your goals, projects, task lists and tasks, in one place.


Use our boards to plan which tasks your team should focus on this week.

Focus on objectives and results.

Use TeamHQ to focus on the right strategy and motivate your team to achieve outstanding results.

Brainstorm Your Tasks

Use our brainstorming feature to quickly add all your tasks. Organize them later.

  • Write down ideas and turn them into tasks.
  • Create tasks and subtasks and put them in lists.
  • Brainstorm project work with your team.

Organize Your Projects

Organize your projects into categories, set due dates, add a project deliverable, and create tasks lists.

  • Organize your tasks into lists, create subtasks, and easily track assigned work.
  • Assign effort scores, define impact level for all your tasks.
  • Stay productive and collaborate with your team, no matter where they are.

Plan Your Week

Use boards to plan which tasks you need to get done each week. Prioritize based on urgency and importance.

  • Organize your work in weekly intervals called Sprints.
  • Sort your tasks by prioirty, due date, and effor/impact score.
  • Get work done, create momentum and achieve your goals.

Reduce uncertainty and conquer the unknown

Use our planning tools to help minimize mistakes and reduce “surprises” that inevitably occur in your everyday work.

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Plan Your Week. Reduce Wasted Effort.

This is a TeamHQ board.
It has a list of tasks that your team needs to do this week.
TeamHQ helps you plan your work in weekly intervals called sprints.
This way you're always able to react to customer feedback and find the right product market fit.

Boards can have tasks from multiple related projects.
TeamHQ can prioritizes your tasks daily automatically, so that you know what to work on next.

Free Planning Guide

Our guide to planning is a perfect starting off point on your road to success.